Bobby Burns International Invitational Memorial Golf Classic

When:  Saturday, April 28th

Where: First Hole - Old Weathered Stone  (812 21st Street Sacramento, CA 95811)

--meet by 2:30pm, tee time at 3:09pm (allowance for stragglers)

--Second Hole - Streets of London  (corner of J Street at 18th)


Why: To honor Bobby Burns' memory by urban golfing through midtown.


What: Hold onto your golf's that time of year again....

So, put together your snazziest outfit, find an untraditional golf club and whatever will pass as a "golf ball" (the more creative the better) and be ready to tee off at 3:09pm at our first hole - the Old Weathered Stone.

If you're running late (tsk tsk), meet at the second hole - Streets of London.

-Sacramento Cacophony Society







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