Welcome to our new website

The Sacramento Cacophony now has a new website.  With a few fancy new features. 

First off if you are a regular on the cacophony list you can have your own blog and anything you post on this site shows up on the homepage.  Not only that your new posts get sent to the cacophony list.  So, Official Cacophony Members can have their own blog to start posting and archiving all the worthless crap they send to the mailing list. 

I did already add a few members from the list.  But, apparently they got freaked out because it was for .org and not .com.  Well, thanks a lot for helping beta test.  That's why everything is posted my me. 

So, if you've been on the list a while.  Create an account.  Then email me (you know who I am).  And I'll make you a "Official Member".  Then you can post all sorts of shit to this site. 

If you are new.  Then create an account.   Or else continue being a Dumbass. 

We have two email lists:

Info about our events


High traffic and annoying

You can either subscribe to those.  Or else create an account here and then choose whether or not to get spammed by whatever we post.